Yahweh Exalted

Verse 1

Groaning under the yoke of a wicked king, to You Jacob appealed
Then You remembered Your covenant with the fathers
Your compassion aroused, You stirred up Your zeal!
You raised up Moses, a deliverer, You sent him back into that land
Then You rescued Your people from that smelting furnace
With a mighty arm, and an outstretched hand!

Chorus 1

Yahweh, exalted above the powers, they looked to You, Your faithful love proved true
Yahweh, You led them through the Sea on dry land, the idols judged, smitten by Your hand  

Verse 2

Now we turn eyes from the former things, toward the new things you will do      
Oppressed and trodden down by the little horn
Day and night, night and day, we’ll cry out to You!
Then after times, a time, and a half-a-time, once our refinement is complete
You’ll descend with zeal for Your name and glory,
To crush the Devil and his puppet under Your feet!

Chorus  2

Jesus, exalted above the powers, we look to You, we know Your Word is true
Jesus as we approach the final hour, let our love be true, eyes for only You