Verse 1

Well we know the day is coming when You will come running for a Bride clothed in white
We’ll have a fresh love blazin’ and a hot fire burnin’ in our hearts at all times
Into the ages of the ages it is You that we’ll be cravin’ with a hunger so alive
With our praises ascending and a song never-ending as we gaze on the One who bled and died


Son of Man we long to see You Son of Man we long to meet You
The Spirit and the Bride together cry “Come on down!”
Hear the cry of Your sons and daughters we want the King of the living waters
We set our hope on the grace You’ll give us when You come down

Verse 2

Well we know with Your arrival our redemption will be final and our joy will be complete
With the Morning Star shinin’ and our God’s face smilin’ as we sit down at the feast
Under a canopy of glory we’ll forever sing Your story with the heavens opened wide
With the angels ascending and the angels descending even greater things will fill our eyes


Come on down, come on down, come on down, our beloved