Your Way with Sinners

Verse 1

Surely from birth my sins are more, than the hairs on my head,
my guilt so deep it overwhelms, a heavy load I cannot bearWith jealous fire, my inmost parts, Your Spirit probes,
You hem me in, these bones You crush, by Your arrows I am brought low
The serpent mocks, that ancient foe, as You put me to the test,
His finger points, his venom drips, His accusation means my death
But even so, I’ll look to You, O God Most High,
For though I’m dressed in filthy rags, You’ve paid a ransom for my life


O my God don’t put me to shame, though You bring the rod, I will trust Your name
For even though my sin is great, a heart that’s Yours You will vindicate
And in the end, when Your work is done I will see the face, of Your Holy Son
With my flesh renewed, and my joy complete, You will crush my foe under Your feet